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One day over 35 years ago, there were a handful of local folks who had a dream of starting the first cutting horse club in Northern California. The Gold Country Cutting Horse Association was born. Charlie Stultz, our first president, with the help of many other people; organized and brought together the first cutting horse show for our club in 1984.

When the cutting was done, down came the panels and home we went.  Soon we had an arena and o’yeah that stuff called sand. The entry fees were a mere $35 per class, along with a $5 cattle fee.  Our rules were simple in those days…

It wasn’t long after Gold Country Cutting Horse Association got started that we became an affiliate of the National Cutting Horse Association.  Since then we have grown to become one of the largest cutting horse associations in Northern California.  Even though our rules have changed, and the fees have gone up, the meaning of why this great association got started stays the same, the love of cutting.


Our membership grows every year, thanks to our great sponsors.  The shows are scheduled for each month (except June). You can see our Show Schedule here on the website for additional information. Due to the generosity of our sponsors, we are able to have some really terrific awards.


If you have any further questions about Gold Country Cutting Horse Association (GCCHA), please feel free to contact our current President Jim Wesson, staff or any of our members on the Board of Directors.

What do we do?

Well, who has an arena and cows? Can’t find an arena? Then, lets make one. Butch, haul in the panels in the  morning. Bob, bring in the cows. Lee, got sand? Who needs sand. We’re going to cut today!

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